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We are your gate to CEE in Real Estate

Our offer of real estate investment solutions covers a wide range of mutual funds for retail and institutional investors that are interested in gaining exposure to real estate in Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Slovakia. We are committed to delivering attractive yield with reasonable level of risk.

Our Funds

Our currently offered funds for qualified investors (365.invest Equity FKI fund and KLM real estate fund) represent two members of our family of five real estate mutual funds under management of 365.invest.


These two funds, set up in 2021 and 2017 respectively, are designed primarily for institutional investors or high net worth individuals and take advantage of substantial internal seed capital possibilities, long experience and proven track record of mutual funds managed by 365.invest.


Real estate funds under management of 365.invest:


1st fund Realitný – established in 2007 for retail clients with the NAV 1000M € *


2rd KLM real estate fund – founded in 2017 for institutional investors with the NAV 31M € *


3th 365.invest Capital FKI fund – established in 2021 for retail clients with the NAV 31M € *


4th 365.invest Equity FKI fund - founded in 2021 for institutional investors with the NAV 80M € *


Targeted NAV - within 1 year - 200M € - within 3 years - 500M €



* As of May 31, 2023

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For Qualified Investors

365.invest Equity FKI fund


About the fund


  • perpetual fund initially targeting Gross Asset Value of € 500 million with committed seed capital from 365.invest funds in amount of € 100 million (€ 20 million already invested)
  • investment strategy lies in equity financing of various real estate projects (mainly retail parks, logistics and residential) together with an external bank financing (usually with the leverage 70 % of the loan to cost - LTC)
  • targeted lifecycle of real estate projects is up to 5 years thanks to participating in the early development stage or exiting investment phase via put option (ability to sell at a certain point in the future)
Inception: 16.6.2021
NAV*: 83 Mio EUR
NAV per share*: 0,010773 EUR
Currency: EUR
Awards: FKI

7,73% 📈

Return since inception *

(3,41% p.a.)


*(as of August 31, 2023)


For Qualified Investors

KLM real estate fund


About the fund


  • Fund for qualified investors designed with a successful and experienced Slovak developer KLM real estate (developing since 2003) focusing mainly on development of retail parks and other types of assets (logistic parks and residential properties)
  • perpetual fund targeting developing retail parks in Slovakia and Czech Republic initially targeting Gross Asset Value of € 230 million with committed seed capital from
    • 365.Invest funds in amount of € 65 million (€ 18 million already invested);
    • KLM real estate in amount of € 15 million (€ 2 million already invested);
  • investment strategy is a combination of development financing and investment in income generating RE projects – portfolio of retail parks in SK and CZ;
Inception: 3.4.2017
NAV*: 32 Mio EUR
NAV per share*: 0,013442 EUR
Currency: EUR
Awards: KLM

34,42% 📈

Return since inception *

(4,71% p.a.)


*(as of August 31, 2023)


Additional information for investors

Efficient risk management is a specifically important component of all our investment processes. In order to ensure the high quality of risk management we regularly test our systems internally, while the external check is secured by KPMG.


The Management Company is exposed to and manages several types of risk, mainly: market risk, credit risk, foreign exchange risk, liquidity risk, interest rate risk and operational risk. The Board of Directors is directly responsible for overall risk management. In addition to statutory regulations, a set of the Company's internal regulations, in particular, Directives for Risk Management, ensuring business continuity, Contingency Plan for Liquidity Resolution in Real Estate Funds and the Risk Management Policy are also used to eliminate risks.


365.invest is primarily obliged to comply with the regulatory requirements of the National bank of Slovakia (NBS), which are established under act no. 203/2011 coll. On collective investment and under NBS measure no. 7/2011 on the management company's own resources, as amended. These include limits and restrictions on the adequacy of own funds. These requirements apply to all asset management companies in Slovakia and compliance with them is determined based on the reports that the asset management company submits under the statutory accounting regulations.


365.invest, správ. spol., a.s. (further as „365.invest“) does not accept any liability for the accuracy, truthfulness or completeness of the information contained herein or the interpretation of this information by an investor. 365.invest is not obliged to update, adjust or complete this site or notify its readers of any changes in the facts described herein or in any statements, outlooks or estimates contained herein or of any facts that case to be correct. Neither 365.invest nor any of its respective directors, officers, employees or advisers, nor any other person, shall be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of relying on any information from this document; any such liability is expressly disclaimed.


To become an Investor in our 365.invest Equity fund or KLM real estate fund, you have to be a qualified investor as specified by § 120 of the Act no. 566/2001 Coll., on securities and investment services, as amended. All investors must rely on their own inspections, financial plans and conclusions. The value of the investments in the fund may fluctuate and that neither a return in the originally invested amount nor a return on the investment is secured or otherwise guaranteed. Past performance of the fund does not guarantee the same or higher performance in the future.


Information specified here in is only of an informative nature and does not serve as a recommendation or advice and does not represent an offer for concluding a contract or a public offer. Before making any investment decision, we recommend contacting and consulting 365.invest.

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