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Project: Residential - Cottages Donovaly Na Kohútke

Na Kohútke

06. septembra 2021 | 2 min. čítania

This exceptional residential project with year-round roof-wood-framed semi-detached cottages is located in the natural environment of the popular Donovaly recreation area. The Na Kohútke apartment complex with attractive architecture naturally fits into the local forest environment. The Na Kohútke project is situated in a quiet central part of Donovaly village, off the main road and within easy walking distance to restaurants and other attractions, five minutes to the ski lift. It consists of five semi-detached houses and one apartment building with three apartments.

The architecture on the gentle slope combines traditional and contemporary elements - a sloping gable roof, wood as the dominant material, large windows, and terraces with glass railings. The glass verandas reference the area's characteristic original wooden houses. "Na Kohútke semi-detached houses deliver on contemporary tastes and demands in terms of their overall form and their layouts. A total of five semi-detached cottages are prepared in the project and each has its own wellness, as well as one apartment building with three apartments. There are also plans to build a shared wellness," describes Juraj Bielik, member of the board of directors of 365.invest.


The mostly four-room apartments, designed for recreational living, combine contemporary with traditional in a luxurious architectural and visual concept. The recessed floor has space for parking and private wellness. The living area is designed as an open plan social space with a fireplace. The master bedroom on the top floor has a wardrobe, fireplace, and bathroom with panoramic views. 

The project architect is IP-Poprad led by experienced architect Igor Piatnica, who already has experience with stylish mountain accommodation. Construction was planned to start in autumn 2021 under the supervision of developer BS real estate a.s. Construction is scheduled for completion in autumn 2022.

  • Project: Residential - Cottages Donovaly Na Kohútke
  • Developer: BS real estate a.s.
  • Contact person for the developer: Peter Kokavec
  • Project architect: IP-POPRAD s.r.o
  • Estimated project costs: EUR 3,222,506.39
  • Estimated project completion date: 31.1.2024
  • Estimated date of contract completion with the developer: 31.12.2024
  • Location: Donovaly, region. Banská Bystrica
  • Certificate of ownership No.: 3444
  • Plot No.: 751/1, 752/4, 753/4, 3439/11, 3439/12

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