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Residential – Euroterrace


08. decembra 2021 | 2 min. čítania

The Euroterrace multifunctional building in Žilina will deliver a higher standard of amenities and electro-mobility

A new building will soon be built on Žilina's Vysokoškolákov Street to fill out the line of existing structures and will deliver a new standard of office buildings and housing to the city.

The Euroterrace project was designed by the architectural firm Atelier AA and will be built by the development company Espati. The multifunctional building will consist of three buildings - two apartment buildings A & B and platform C in the courtyard in which the leasable business and commercial space will be located. The building also has three underground floors which are to serve as a garage for cars. It is characterized by terraces oriented to the west, which recede with increasing height and reconnect the missing pedestrian connection between Obchodná and Vysokoškolákov streets by passing through the interior of the building.

Emphasis on detail

The first floor is reserved for enhanced civic amenities with garage space on three floors in the basement. Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of 2023. In the complex on the first floor, the people of Žilina will find commercial premises, cafés and food courts accessible from the passage, which will be connected to the Client Center in a central location via a glass bridge. Large terraces with extensive greenery and a rich social space are designed along the entire width of the western façade of the residential buildings.

"The residential units themselves are characterized by innovative technologies that will create for their residents unmistakable living comfort thanks to the presence of modern and energy-saving elements such as ceiling heating, cooling and heat recovery," explains Juraj Bielik, member of the board of directors of the management company 365.invest, which owns the project and is outsourcing its construction to the development company, in extolling the project's benefits. All apartments are airy and bright thanks to efficient layouts and large wooden-aluminum windows. Each apartment has a balcony, terrace or front garden for free time activities. The project also thinks of the youngest for whom the architectural studio designed a playground as a place for a safe haven in the bustle of the city. The new standard of electromobility has not been forgotten either, and in addition to a sufficient number of parking spaces, charging stations will become a matter of course at Euroterrace.

Project: Residential – Euroterrace


Developers: ESPATI s.r.o., N-consult, s.r.o. and AF Development, s.r.o

Contact person for the developer: Rastislav Nowak

Project architect: ATELIER AA

Estimated project costs: 13.5M EUR 

Estimated project completion date: Q4/2023

Estimated date of contract completion with the developer: 15.12.2025

Location: Vysokoškolákov 8556/33B, Žilina, postcode 01008, Slovakia

Certificate of ownership No.: 7865

Plot No.: 7930/10, 7930/49, 7930/51, 7930/54


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