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Project: Residential - Green Atrium

Green Atrium

20. augusta 2021 | 2 min. čítania

The Green Atrium apartment building will be located in the northern part of Ružinov, near Trnavská cesta, in Bratislava, with a primarily residential function. The project comprises three blocks and an inner block. Project developer is Haberl Real Estate, which replaced Domino. The construction company 365.invest commissioned the new developer to build the residential part after becoming the new project owner, the initial idea of which dates to the zoning decision phase in 2017.


The project standard is high both for the quality processing of individual residential units and ecological aspects of the planned construction. This is related to innovative solutions that the developer together with architects from P. S. Arch opted to incorporate into the design, and the building's sustainability is also indicated by the adjective "green" in its name. The apartment building will confirm its ecological credentials by using heat pumps for heating, green roofs, electromobility (plug-in parking spaces), and being bicycle-friendly.


Future homeowners will be attracted by 83 housing units, underground parking, urban greenery in the courtyard and on roofs, a minimalist design that fits pleasantly and smoothly into the surroundings, and fittings that will satisfy the highest requirements. The total land area is 3,819 sqm and the built-up area of the project is 2,047.6 sqm. Up to 90% are green roofs and gardens. Most are three-room apartments, while the green interior area will provide a perfect relaxation zone for all ages. Two- and four-room apartments will also be available. The apartment building's major benefit is location. It has abundant greenery, water areas (such as Kuchajda and Štrkovec lakes), a wide range of services, and excellent accessibility.


Project construction is scheduled to start mid-2022, with completion slated for Q1 2026.


  • SPV: FORESPO REALITY 20  a. s.
  • Developer: Green Atrium, a.s.
  • Contact person for the developer: Ing. Filip Rybár
  • Project architect: PS Arch. s.r.o.
  • Estimated project costs: 28.3M EUR
  • Estimated project completion date: 31.3.2026
  • Estimated date of contract completion with developer: 20.8.2027
  • Location: Ružinov, Bratislava
  • Ownership certificate No.: 1504
  • Plot No.: 15265/1, 15265/2, 15265/3, 15265/4, 15265/5, 15266, 22182/1, 22182/2

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