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Project: Land Šaľa

Land in SA

22. augusta 2019 | 2 min. čítania

A shopping centre will soon be built on a 3700 sqm land plot in Šaľa, which will expand the retail range for the city's residents. The project developer is KLM Real Estate. The company has been active on the Slovak market since 2012, constructing retail parks in Piešťany, Šamorín, Dunajská Streda, Myjava, and Michalovce. It has also implemented logistic centres and apartment building projects. The project is part of other development plans with retail parks. Such centres will gradually grow in other villages such as Pezinok, Svidník, and Chorvátsky Grob.


The modern shopping center aims to ease the poor traffic situation by building a roundabout and creating safe pedestrian crossings.


The project delivers the benefit of increasing the new retail range to small towns and villages. It is a one-storey shopping centre with brands such as BILLA, Super ZOO, Pepco, DM Drogerie Markt, and KiK. The shopping area will have a large car park, and the retail spaces will have direct exterior access.


The popularity of this type of shopping centre is growing, especially during pandemics, because it prevents a large concentration of people in enclosed spaces. This concept has future growth potential. Another benefit is easy accessibility. The Šaľa shopping centre's residential zone location means that it's within walking distance for the city's residents.


When building retail parks, the developer also seeks to ensure a project's environmental credentials. The aim is for wide-scale use of greenery in the architecture of large areas, which contributes to the project's thermal stability.

Completion and opening of the new shopping centre is scheduled for 2022.


  • Asset Type: retail park
  • Acquisition Date: October 2019                      
  • Location: Šaľa
  • Project Value: 1.4M EUR 
  • Leasable Area: 3,700 sqm
  • Tenants: BILLA, Planeo Pepco, Super ZOO, etc.   

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